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Importance of IT Support in the Fast-Growing Construction Industry

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men working in a construction of a building: text: Importance of IT Support in the Cfast growing construction industry

Importance of IT Support in the Fast-Growing Construction Industry In the rapidly growing landscape of the construction industry in the United States, IT services have become one of the most valuable assets, revolutionizing how things get done. As construction companies multiply, IT solutions are needed to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Advanced tools for project […]


Combining Multiple Office Tool Bars (olkexplorer.officeUI)

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Hi! Today we are going to have a post on a more specific and technical topic. I recently found a need to combine a customized Microsoft Office 2016 Outlook tool bar with the user’s existing tool bar – also know as olkexplorer.officeUI. The easy route would be to just force the end user to use […]


Why is my PC so slow?!

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Question – how many times have you mumble “why is my PC so slow”? Rest assured, you are not the first or last person to mention this. This is one of the most common questions we receive when working with customers. Let’s dive into some of the most common issues and fixes in the PC/Windows […]


IPv4 – IPv6 – IP vWhat?!

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Good Morning! Please grab a cup of coffee and settle in for our next topic. We are taking a break from our previous topics on shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Today we are going to talk about “internet protocol” or simply, IP. Most importantly, this is not a made up term. It is the basics […]