Why is my wireless so slow?

Good Morning! Is your wireless or WiFi slow? Do webpages take forever to load? This is one of the most common questions I receive from clients. Nothing is more frustrating waiting for something to load or poor coverage. Let’s take a look at some of the major factors and some quick fixes. If you still

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IPv4 – IPv6 – IP vWhat?!

Good Morning! Please grab a cup of coffee and settle in for our next topic. We are taking a break from our previous topics on shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Today we are going to talk about “internet protocol” or simply, IP. Most importantly, this is not a made up term. It is the basics

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Hosting – Shared vs. VPS

Hosting – Shared vs. VPS

Thinking about starting a website? Great – which hosting is right for you? Good question. Let’s take a quick look at our two most basic options. The first, and most common – shared hosting. What is this exactly? You have one server hosting many thousands of websites running a platform like cPanel. Cheap, easy to

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