Should I buy a MAC or a PC?

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MAC or PC – that is the question! Morning, Folks. Welcome back! Today I would like to talk about a question we get countless times. Furthermore, during a long flight back from a business trip, I was thinking about the most commonly asked questions of my clients. Should I buy a MAC or a PC? I also tried to estimate the amount of times I have been asked this question, I will save that answer for a later post. My goal is to provide an unbiased and objective opinion on the never ending MAC vs PC battle. Enough talk, let’s get started!


Like it or not, cost is usually one of the primary factors of any large purchase. As of this post, the cheapest MAC option is the MAC Mini coming in at $500. The equivalent PC desktop would cost about half of that. Both machines would be capable of doing almost any task from web browsing to Skype. Travel a lot or want to be mobile? Expect to shell out double what a MAC or PC desktop would cost. Many PC fans will cite you can purchase a PC laptop, tablet and printer for the cost of a single MAC laptop. While that might be a stretch in some markets – it is very much a reality.


Variety is the spice of life and holds true with computers and technology as well. PC’s come in an almost endless amount of configurations and can easily be customized. You can purchase a PC desktop and upgrade just the video card if you are into games.

Alienware PC's
Alienware PC’s

Unfortunately, Apple provides a much more strict and limited amount of options. The options presented by Apple are very well designed and typically work seamlessly with other Apple products. Because of that, expect to pack a lot of extra adapters with the purchase of a MAC laptop. PC’s typically house more commonly used ports (HDMI, Ethernet, USB, etc..) directly on the machine, Apple requires the use of adapters. Ever flown to the other side of the world to find out you left your Ethernet adapter at home?!


What are you going to do on the computer? Editing video or audio? A MAC will probably work best for that. Surfing the web, doing school work, Skype, YouTube? Either platform will work fine. Business or finance related tasks or applications? Is Excel your best buddy? PC all day long will be your best option. Like to game? PC. As you can see, this is a loaded question! I would recommend getting in touch with us so we can figure out the best option for you.


Worried about security or malware? MAC’s will typically provide a higher level of security and protection against malware and viruses. In so far as, the Macintosh operating system was built from a very secure base compared to Windows which is a bit more cobbled together. Windows offers a much more rich environment to make it your own including thousands and thousands of various applications.

MacBook Pro's
MacBook Pro’s

When it comes to security and updates MAC’s have an advantage as Apple controls the software and hardware. Windows has to account for many different pieces of hardware and software. This subject is a common topic that comes up with this question. Many times the reason a Windows machine is compromised or infected is due to third party software, not the operating system in general.



Just like a car, your computer will need its tires rotated and an oil change. If you own a MAC, you just head to your local Apple store. Easy to find, typically located in large public shopping malls. They often can perform repairs on site and get you out the door quickly. PC’s can be a bit more of a challenge to find service. If you have a custom machine, you could be out of luck or get in touch with us. Computers from HP or Dell will require a call into technical support which is based outside of the US for initial troubleshooting. The added frustration of calling into support or sending a machine in for service can often out weigh the monetary savings of a PC.


Probably the most subjective section and much of which is personal preference. Customer’s know Apple is known for sleek and well designed products. The amount of attention Apple puts into the fit and finish is incredible. As a result many PC vendors have also designed great looking products as well. End users have been floored with the latest styles and options from major manufactures. I have been using HP (and even Compaq) devices for ages and I can honestly say the fit and finish has come a long way. Many PC vendors are now offering customized products and aftermarket modifications are a very large segment now. Many of our clients are also gamers on the side or semi-professional gamers, Alienware has come out with a fantastic line of well designed desktops and laptops.

Great, do I buy a MAC or a PC?!

Hopefully, I have answered some of your questions and helped guide your decision. At the end of the day, you can’t really make a bad decision between the two. Customers should also consider their comfort level, switch from one platform to another will always present a learning curve. Keep in mind software – PC’s typically dominate the business and finance world. Customers have know for ages that audio and video has been produced on MAC’s but PC’s are gaining much traction. Applications such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office exist for either platform and receive regular updates. If you still have questions – let’s hop on a quick call!

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